All Dogs Can MUSH With DogMotoSports

Again, because DogMotoSports are using motorized bikes and bike like vehicles the Dogs don't need to propel them! Therefore almost any dog breed at almost any life stage can get exercise and adventure with DogMotoSports! This page has videos of WooFDriver's 14 pound Chinese Crested Toy Breed having a blast doing it with her Husky brothers & sisters! The most challenging aspect of running a small dog is the tether mounting hardware. It needs to be able to be ridged enough and able to mount in a place they can't reach the wheels or you will need to have a wheel guard. For my set-up here I have had good success with The Bike Tow Leash. Keep in mind I would not use this Bike Tow Leash for pulling Dogs like my Huskies. But for a small Toy Breed like GiGi it worked perfectly!  CLICK HERE FOR THE BIKE TOW LEASH WEBSITE

First Runs With GiGi My Chinese Crested

Training Aspects With GiGi

Time To Train With My Sled Dogs Lower Energy Ones First - Jag

Training with My Sled Dog Zarro

Training With 2 Sled Dogs At A Time

Mushing On With 4 Sled Dogs!