Springer Dog Attachment (WooFDriver Favorite)

Lumintrail Dog Attachment (Convenient "Push Button ON & OFF) BUT my hard pullers have broken the welds on a few of these BUT I still like them alot because of the angle they provide and I reinforce for strngth on my own. Great without reinforcing for Dogs that are less likely to pull!

Bike Tow Leash (Good for Smaller Dogs Especially to Keep Away from Wheels)

Kickbike America - There is a few versions of this Design. Really Designed for Dog-Powered Sports where Dog is in Front of Bike Pulling BUT I use on Side of Bike for DogMotoSports asthey can work nicely with some Ingenuity for Hard to Mount Spots

Pawtrekker Sidewalker - This is made for Pawtrekker Dog Scooters BUT I have Custom Mounted these (U-Bars) for Many DogMotoSports Applications (WooFDriver Favorite)

K9 Kennel Store Pulling Bracket - Made for thierScooters BUT can be Custom Mounted for DogMotoSports

Lion County Supply Roading Rig

I|S|C Triple Action Swivel Snap - These are INCREDICLE as when used Properly they Prevent any Twisting Hazzards as they Swivel & are SUPER Strong

Skylotec PinchLock II Carabiner - I only use Carabiners that LOCK and can be OPEN with One Hand Operation. Also this Style which offers this Locking/One Hand Operation is way less likely to Freeze. There is ONLY 2 Manufacturers that make these Styles being Skylotec & Black Diamond and Both are HARD to FIND