What Is DogMotoSports?


DogMotoSports is a way to provide every day people with busy schedules in busy areas in almost any physical capacity the opportunity to have high energy breeds like Siberian Huskies as part of their family. This is because  high energy breeds require more exercise and challenges then most people can provide. In our modern era with busy families, time consuming jobs, and urban style housing like condominiums, apartments, or houses with limited grounds, a high energy breed Dog can be stifled with boredom and pent up energy that can usually result in a lot of unwanted behaviors. In fact high energy breeds like the Husky have become one of the most abandoned and surrendered breed as people get them and they can’t get the Dog to calm down enough to train them and the Dogs become unmanageable. 

Some of these breeds are capable of running 50 plus miles a day so a dog walk or even a jog with these Dogs won’t cut it, there needs to be more of an outlet BUT don’t despair because with DogMotoSports you can find the answer! 

DogMotoSports means that you are tethering your dog to a bike or bike like vehicle that has an electric motor assist. This allows you to walk, trot, or run your Dog as fast as he or she wants to go and through most terrain and conditions. 

With DogMotoSports you don’t need to be physically fit, and even if you have limited mobility you can participate as you won’t need to peddle, push, or walk the bike when your Dog tires or if they’re not capable of pulling at all. 

Even older Dogs and toy breed Dogs can participate as this can be nothing more than a glorified Dog walk if that’s what your Dog wants to do! 

You’ve NEVER seen anything like DogMotoSports as it maybe the most clever and useful idea to help Dogs exercise and achieve their potential in almost any household to satisfy their physical demands as well as the team & bond you and your Dog will form will satisfy their need of their pack like traits. In addition you can teach them commands like a lead sled Dog for turns, stopping, and going past obstacles as this will appeal to their mind and and help their psychological engagement. DogMotoSports  will p[rove to be one of the best things you can do for your Dog.