Push To Mush

The Push to Mush Bar I've Invented takes the place of a traditional Dog Sled Gangline which is the centerline that the Dogs tether to on a traditional Dog sled. The Gangline on a traditional Dog Sled requires a Lead Dog to keep this Line Stretched Out & Taught otherwise all of the other Sled Dogs may deviate and instead of going forward or in the direction that the Dog Driver commands they may go another way and be all over the place which result in shear KAOS! My invention of the Push To Mush Bar takes the place of the Center Gangline as it provides a rigid area to tether the Dogs too for complete comfortable control of the Dog. This means virtually no training is required to teach the Dog except maybe a little desensitizing of being in front of a moving bike, similar to teaching a Dog to pull a sled.

At the heart of my E-Dog Sled On Wheels is the Push to Mush Bar. This Bar incorporates adjustable tandem U-Bars that give each Dog their own position to run. The U-Bars provide two attachment points which tether the Dog's specialized harness. The position and harness this setup provides creates an opportunity for the Dog to just walk/trot/run with the E-Dog Sled On Wheels but if they want to lean into this harness they will essentially be pushing the E-Dog Sled On Wheels. The E-Dog Sled On Wheels weighs under 100 pounds without the Dog Driver so depending on the terrain and of course the Dog Driver's weight two Dogs if they desire should be able to power the E-DogSled On Wheels. This means people with only 2 Dogs can use a smaller center bar and just use one U-Bar. It also means you can mix different Dogs as if some want to power it and some don't maybe because of age or activity level then they can just walk/trot/run while the other Dog's can engage more physically by powering the rig themselves. The possibilities are endless! At this time I have designed two other vehicles to work with the PUSH TO MUSH BAR - A Dog Chopper which can be Dog-Powered by the PUSH TO MUSH Bar and The EZ MUSH Board which cannot be Dog-Powered as it's too heavy so its PERFECT for full on resistance work and for mountain road climbing and other related activities. 

Electric DogSled On Wheels



Dog MUSHING Chopper