Why Do DogMotoSports?

Dogmotosports is a concept that’s become a reality pioneered by the world famous Dog adventurer WooFDriver!  WooFDriver has been adventuring and running dogs for almost 30 years now. It all started off when he got his first Husky CzarBear and realized that a Dog walk or a game of fetch with Czar, he would quickly lose interest and pull WooFDriver (at the time who was very physically fit) until WooFDriver’s arm just about separated at his shoulder. WooFDriver then did some research and learned that Huskies are very intelligent Dogs that were bred to pull sleds and run long distances. And, as he found out if you don’t give them an outlet to challenge their fitness then you will probably witness them trying to entertain themselves by wreaking havoc all over the house and yard. WooFDriver then started thinking….

WooFDriver could ride a bike faster than he could run so he could go more miles at a quicker pace without tiring out. This was the first step in WooFDriver developing DogMotoSports! After more research WooFDriver discovered there was a device available that he could safely attach Czar to his bike and start giving Czar what he so ambitiously craved. Again, because Huskies are so intelligent when you start to speak their language by appealing to their traits like giving them activities that incorporate running and pulling they become much easier to train. So when WooFDriver hooked Czar to his bike he almost instantly knew what to do and started running with the bike, it was like magic! They started with 1 mile a day and WooFDriver witnessed Czar actually become satisfied and tired after their run. Together WooFDriver and Czar became a team as they started going further and further and adventuring to bike trails in the area and having so much fun. Czar was able to explore new sights, scents & sounds all along the trails as this appealed to his psychological side, and the running and pulling with the bike, so satisfied his physical side. This became a lifestyle for Czar & WooFDriver in fact, WooFDriver knew they were living a dream of pure bliss and decided he wanted to share these joys and healthy lifestyle with more Huskies so WooFDriver started expanding his team!

Before he knew it WooFDriver had a team of four Huskies and wanted to adventure all over the east coast of the USA. In order to do this, WooFDriver would need equipment that would be able to transverse some of the more rigorous terrain they would encounter especially as WooFDriver was getting older and wasn’t quite as fit as when he was a younger man. So to keep up with the energy and demands of a team of four Huskies adventuring to lands WooFDriver had never been to before WooFDriver started thinking how he could conquer this. That’s when electric assist bikes came to WooFDriver!

So WooFDriver worked with a team of bike pros and machine shop engineers to develop what were essentially recumbent Dog Trikes and Dog Quads to start touring the East Coast of the USA with his Husky Team. Knowing that hills, rocks and other challenging terrains that he could assist his team so they wouldn’t have to pull the load and they could transverse these terrains uninterrupted. Now almost 30 years later, WooFDrriver has assembled his own team of peeps who have built on this concept of DogMotoSports as they have customized and fabricated some of the world's coolest, technologically advanced, and most sophisticated electric vehicles to take DogMotoSports to the next level. DogMotoSports has also given WooFDriver the ability to help his Dogs when they become seniors and ride them in the “Electric Dog Sled” to keep giving them the best lifestyle possible:)