Dog Sledding Vs. DogMotoSports

Sled dog mushing in the snow on sleds is a lot of work for the musher, (especially for a small team like I have) and as I get older it’s not something I can do so easily. In addition the dogs need more training to be dependable out there especially the lead dog, and not all dogs, even not all huskies or breeds you think would be sled dogs are role model sled dogs (as they may not care to do it). These are some of the main reasons I have developed DogMotoSports!

Here's a vintage video of me on a sled dog expedition in the Canadian Rockies back in 2001! This is a relatively large team which can be more logistically challenging to run but there's plenty of horsepower (dogs) to power the sled and traverse a lot of conditions.  If the dogs need a push or assistance  the Musher can kick power the sled.

On a smaller team with less dogs obviously they don't have the power of a larger team so the Musher will need to physically work harder to help power the team. DogMotoSports takes out the need for more dogs and Musher power, making adventuring more possible for more people even some with disabilities or handicaps. It also makes it possible for almost all dogs to go as they don't need to power it at all. 

In my 2 dog team video I am training a friend to mush with my first dogs (Czar & Hudson). Notice at the end he is assisting the dogs to power the sled which of course is a great workout but takes a lot more physicality especially for longer runs! and trying conditions

Dogs Need Almost No Training

You see dogs need almost no training to do DogMotoSports as it’s pretty natural to them almost like walking on a leash but more structured. And with DogMotoSports the dog can engage as much as they desire. For some it’s just a brisk walk on the trail or in the snow, for others they can pull til their hearts content. The DogMotoSports electric vehicles can supply all the power or resistance needed to make all dogs even dogs that aren’t sled dogs happy:) 

DogMotoSports can be as easy that almost any dog can do (like WooFDiver's 12 pound Chinese Crested in the video OR as much as a dog who wants to engage to the max!

Senior Dogs Doing It

Also as the dogs (like us humans) age and they don’t have the pulling capacity or drive but they can still do these DogMotoSports activities that they are trained for and familiar with through their golden years to stay active and mobile as these DogMotoSports vehicles can go as slow as needed even to a crawling pace so the older dogs can just gently walk with them if desired. Some might ask why not just walk them on a leash at that stage in their life but believe it or not the sled dog kind even at 15 years old still might pull some and can still possibly go a decent distance. DogMotoSpprts will still prove to be the best option again especially as humans age to handle these dogs on a leash for any distance walk can be challenging  especially if you have multiple dogs like I do in this vintage video.

The Versatility & Power of DogMotoSports

DogMotoSports gives the opportunity to adventure almost anywhere as when conditions deteriorate or aren’t what we were expecting like snow melting and leaving bald spots that a sled would get stuck on, or deep snow that creates too much resistance, or mud that a bike would sink in and create a lot of resistance where the dogs can’t pull it and the human can’t peddle through it, as well as steep grades and hills that any non-powered vehicle can’t climb….and like on some of  the farms we run where its to choppy and have too many ruts that a sled would not be able to make it through. But with DogMotoSports the electric motor can assist the human and the dogs to traverse these conditions. This makes it possible for me to adventure with my dogs in areas we have never been to before as with DogMotoSports we can conquer almost any situation without jeopardizing any safety.