Training Indoors


Treadmills are another great way of keeping the Dogs in shape and active in warm weather or in any inclement conditions where you can’t get outside. There are many different types of treadmills available. I use two different styles. One is a slatmill, and one is a more traditional human kind of treadmill with the big belt tread. All of my treadmills I always get are motorized which helps in training the Dogs to properly use the treadmill as well as for older Dogs that need a little encouragement to sometimes exercise.

Slatmill Treadmill on right

Belt Treadmill on left

The slatmill treadmill I have is nice because it’s dual purpose as it’s electric and can be Dog powered as well. This lets my faster Dogs go the exact pace they want to go and set their own workout as they will sprint some and jog some and even walk some all in the same workout session.