Working young Dogs under two years old is normally not advised. Amongst other health risks the main issue is their growth plates have not met and it could possibly stunt their growth. With that being said, it is possible to determine exactly when the growth plates have met, by getting x-rays done so you know exactly when you can start working them, but short of that a rule of thumb is usually by 2 years old their growth plates have met and it is safe to work them without development and growth risks.

Training 2 Puppies with an Adult Husky to Help

I usually don’t get X-rays to determine growth plate development, instead I don’t  rush them to work and I wait until they’re two years old before any real strenuous work is put on my Dogs. So running with the bike is usually safe and not to strenuous for puppies. So using DogMotosports activities is another very useful, safe application because you can control the speed and when a puppy has an energy burst you can push the throttle and accelerate with him or her and then when they back off the speed you can give less throttle and go slower. In video I am training 3 Husky Puppies with an adult Husky to help!

Any pulling at all is too strenuous for puppies that are not fully developed and their growth plates haven’t met as I mentioned. Again, DogMotorSports is perfect because the puppy doesn’t need to pull and can still run with the bike to satisfy their energy demands giving him or her the proper exercise without being too strenuous. 

Additionally the puppy will be learning to run with the bike which is the heart of DogMotoSports. So when the puppy comes to age he or she will be comfortable and ready to expand into more engaging DogMotoSports like the Electric Dog Sled for a more vigorous and challenging workout.  

Training Husky Puppies with an Adult Husky to Help