Just to be clear sharing my life with Huskies is my honor, passion, and way of life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! So everything I do is for the betterment of my Dogs:) Again, as Husky’s have become one of the most abandoned and surrendered breeds, I share my knowledge through my website and social media to inspire others so they can better understand life with a high energy breed like a Husky. I’m hoping through DogMotosports everyone can realize there’s a relatively easy way to share their life with a Husky and give them the exercise and adventure they need as us humans will be rewarded with the love and excitement of a Husky being part of our family daily:) 

I sell nothing as all the bikes I build and customize, are for my Dogs and me to keep on doing what we love.  But I will offer below some links for some of the main tools I use for DogMotoSports. Most of this equipment can be attached to any electric kind of bike or apparatus, similar to what I do. I will also share some bike links as to where you can purchase some of these stock bikes and vehicles I’m attaching the Springers to. Again some will take some customization to attach the Dogs to so I hope to include some how to videos and information on that in the near future.