What Is

Dog Powered Sports

Dog Powered Sports are sports where the dog is actively engaged in pulling a vehicle that they are attached to. These sports all derived from working sled dogs as they were bred and conditioned to pull sleds.

What is

urban mushing

In our modern world today where people have sled dog breeds as pets, it has become a real challenge to get them the proper exercise they need and were bred to do. So for most people running these dogs on a sled is not possible. This is basically how Urban Mushing has come about.  

Urban Mushing is considered Dog Powered Sports having fewer Dogs (even just 1 is  possible) to pull the device/vehicle they are tethered to from bikes to skate boards to scooters. Usually done in more urban/populated areas on sidewalks, roadways,  trails etc….

the evolution of


DogMotoSports is the next step in the evolution of Dog Powered Sports. Almost all Dogs can participate and almost all people regardless of age and physical ability can participate. DogMotoSports are sports and exercise where the Dog does not need to pull and the person does not need to pedal or be physical. This is because the bike or vehicle the dog is tethered to is battery powered.