Cooling Ideas

I'd like to preface this by saying that proper and consistent grooming is to me one of the most important aspects for helping Dogs regulate their proper body temperature. NEVER shave or cut a double coated Dog's fur unless for medical purposes.  Some people and maybe even groomers think by shaving or cutting their fur will help the Dog keep cooler but it actually has a reverse effect and can, and is often, a detriment to the Dog.  Proper and consistent grooming will remove dead fur while keeping live fur intact. Therefore the dead fur won't block air from the Dog's skin which can create a breeding place for bacteria and because  this dead fur will not let the Dog's coat breathe properly it will inhibit cooling and warming as well. Live fur helps the natural cooling and warming process of Dogs and protects them against other hazards as well, and I can't stress enough again that no one unless veterinary prescribed/preformed for medical purposes should ever cut or shave a double coated Dog's fur! CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON MY HUSKY DOG BREED WEBSITE ABOUT GROOMING AND COATS

Cooling Dogs can be a very tricky and a difficult if not impossible process. If a Dog overheats veterinary care is immediately recommended as it's quickly fatal. So please ALWAYS be over cautious and error on the side of safety as again heat can be so deadly so quickly to Dogs.  I personally use these methods on my website here and they work well for me BUT I am not ever over working my Dogs in warmer temperatures and my Dogs hair length & fur condition are right for me for these practices which again can vary from breed to breed and even individual Dog to Dog. So please everything you see here is just suggestions as you need to understand all parameters and your Dog's condition and personality so you can recognize any issues before they could quickly get out of hand. There are two pages under this COOLING IDEAS menu tab that I show some of my misting systems from past to present and evaporative cooling vests. I suggest researching on your own and most definitely consulting with your veterinarian additional information to make the most well rounded decision if you think any of the processes I discuss and show here will work for your Dog.

Additionally proper hydration is imperative for cooling a Dog in all temperatures. Even when it seems cold outside to us humans Dogs still need to cool and quench their thirst by drinking. When I run my Dogs on any of my bikes and/or rigs I water them regularly. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE ON HOW & WHEN I WATER THEM ON DogMotoSports Adventures!

outside cooling

at home

I always provide ways for my dogs to cool down in the warmer months either with swimming pools or ponds or water vats etc…

Pond I Built For Dogs To Cool

Pool I Built For Dogs To Cool

Waterfalls I Built For Dogs To Cool


In Waterways

On our adventures when we can access water I will take them for dips in rivers, streams and other water ways even when harnessed to equipment, 

ATV Roading Dip In Pond

Dog Chopper Dip In Potomac River

SwinCar Dip In Water

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