Indoor Training

Indoor Training & conditioning is important to have available options.  Weather, injury and just busy schedules can wreak havoc on Dogs when they cant get out to play or work. I have found these outlets and training which can be done indoors a great way to get the Dogs some physical release and mental stimulation  again when you can't get outside and also which when approved by your veterinary may work for possible rehab situations.  These treadmills and treadwheels can supplement almost any DogMotoSports training regiment.  Pleasae expolre the pages under this Indoors Menu for more about my treadmills and treadwheels. Below are some pictures from many years ago before I could find proper Dog treadmills so I converted a people treadmill for my Dogs. It worked for my purpose but it took some modifications to make it safe and wasn't ideal for the Dogs. Today's Dog Designed Treadmills or so advance with the proper scxience behind them to maximize the benefits and safety for your Dog.

My First People to Dog Converted Treadmill

Front View

Princess on Treadmill