Misting The Dogs to cool

Misting System

One of the biggest hindrances to Dogs is there inability to deal with heat. With cold weather working breeds like Huskies, this becomes a major problem. Most people smartly will not work their Dogs in the warmer months as there are too many risks involved. But again, as I like to think outside the box, I have pioneered some ways to help the Dogs keep in shape and stay active in the warmer weather months.

Misting System & Water

Filling The Cooler for Misting System

Misting System Pump & Hardware

First Misting Design

Misting Bars Above Dogs to Spray as they Run

Misting Bars Top View

Latest Misting System

With A Fan

My favorite way that I’ve pioneered, is a misting system that actually sprays the Dogs as they go. I started working on this over 20 years ago and it’s actually evolved with technology into a fan system which blows the mist on the dogs as they go! I find this works well to keep them safe but still, I’m not really working them just walking and trotting along with the electric vehicle. Again, that’s the genius of DogMotorSports as they don’t have to work at all!  So this means at any stage in their life it could be nothing more than a glorified walk if that’s what it needs to be, for warm weather, age or health related issues. These electric vehicles can go as slow as needs and can actually crawl along if need be. This provides the opportunity to keep the Dogs active without overdoing it!

Misting Fans from Behind SwinCar

Misting Fans & Cooler Side View