It’s so important to at least keep track in some ways approximate speeds and distance you go with your Dog. Back in the day, it was a little more challenging as there weren’t many digital, yet alone virtual trackers as we have now a days in this tech filled world.

I use a few different apps on my phone to track the stats of every adventure and exercise outing we do. Some of these apps will actually map your route and provide really detailed statistics. With most of these apps you’ll be able to track your Dog’s progress and performance levels over time and through different weather conditions. So you can therefore set some benchmarks to determine some exercise guidance for distance, speed, and timing. This information can prove to be invaluable. 

In addition, I use GPS smart dog collars to track individual stats for each Dog. Obviously, as the Dogs are tethered to the vehicle, your stats should be the same for each Dog, but with technology limitations, the accuracy of these stats can vary some from dog collar dog collar.

GPS Phone APP Tracking

The main reason to use these GPS Dog trackers is two fold. If a Dog should ever get loose, on an adventure and isn’t trained to recall (come back when you call him or her) you will be able to track your Dog using the tracker and the app on your phone. 

The second reason is it allows you monitor the Dogs activity level at home. This can be crucial in determining if a Dog is having a health issue like an injury.  Some of these colors are so advanced they can track the Dogs, rest eating, drinking, and even scratching and licking habits.

Rankings on the FI Collar for Syan

Health Report on Whistle Collar for Inyo

Additionally, they can also rank your Dog compared to  other Dogs by breed location etc. I really love these GPS dog collars for a multitude of reasons as mentioned, but I know technology is certainly not perfect so I offset that by using two different brand GPS Dog trackers on each one of my Dog collars.