Roading Harness

It's IMPORTANT to understand as with any K9 sport the dog’s safety and comfort should always be our first concern and there are many factors that will help determine that which can differ greatly from dog to dog. So it’s imperative to monitor your dog closely before, during, and after any activity to better understand how any harness is performing on them. Aspects like fit, style, and harness design are key in determining this. in addition hook up points for harnesses that have multiple tether options as well as height and angle of these tether points need to be considered as they can greatly affect dog/harness performance.  What works well for one dog might not work at all for another dog so always have a watchful eye!

Sacco Cart Harness

Similar to a Pulka /Pulk Harness

I’ve used many different harnesses in my almost 30 years of running Dogs. Many harnesses have different purposes as they are geared for different canine sports. Selecting the right harness and fit is one of the most important aspects for the safety and comfort of your Dog and their performance levels including desired fitness goals. Many people who are not well versed with harnesses can be intimidated as some harnesses are very challenging to put on a Dog. Pictured is WooFDriver's Husky Czar wearing a Sacco Cart Harness.

Roading Harness

Official DogMotoSports Harness

As I have pioneered this new Canine activity DogMotoSports I have designated the Roading Harness as the official harness for most DogMotoSports activities. Roading Harnesses are designed for kind of resistance type training (think of it as pushing) which works perfect for most DogMotoSports. Keep in mind with these DogMotoSports the Dogs can not get the leverage or range of motion as in other Dog-Powered Sports so this harness distributes the load (resistance) accordingly.  This harness works well for not only when using the “Push To Mush” Bar on the E-DogSledOnWheels but also for running the dogs on bikes, ATVS, and even other off-road powered vehicles. Keep in mind also that with most 2 wheel or 3 wheel trike bikes with DogMotoSports we are running the Dogs on the side of the bike tethered by a Springer or similar type device.  This is different than bikejoring as again they are on springers on the side of the bike which this Roading harness works well for. Pictured is WooFDriver's Husky Inyo wearing a Roading Harness.

WooFDriver's Nakita in Roading Harness Top View

WooFDriver's Nakita Front View

WooFDriver's Nakita Roading Harness Over A Cooling Vest Side View

X-Back Harness

Sledding & Pulling Harnesses

For bikejoring and more pulling sports where the Dogs are out in front on a gangline or towline actively pulling the Roading Harness would not be a good choice. A true sled dog pulling harness would be much more appropriate like an xback.

The xback and other specific sled dog harness are designed for dogs to get more range of motion and more leverage so they can engage their whole body for faster speeds and more pulling capacity as this Roading harness does not offer those capabilities.

On my equipment page I have included some other harnesses which may be applicable for some situations with DogMotoSports. Pictured is a much younger maybe even prettier WooFDriver Rollerblading as his Husky Czar pulls him in an X-Back Harness