WooFDriver Training

Distance training


Huskies have the ability to run more than 50 miles a day with proper training and conditions! 

Huskies can roughly pull about three times their body weight so again with proper conditioning a 50 pound Husky can pull about 150 pounds as a rule of thumb. 

For distance & pulling running I usually take my team from pups to about 11 years old 15 to 30 miles on our adventures in cold weather runs. We do a pace of about 5 to 6 miles per hour with hydration breaks and this takes us about 4 to 5 hours an outing. 

Warmer weather runs I don’t let my team pull as overheating can be a factor so it’s more of a trot/walk usually tethered on the side of the electric bikes. We go about 8 to 12 miles at a 3 to 4 mile per hour pace. Again about 3 to 4 hours of exercise. For more physical engagement during the warmer weather depending on temperatures I will exercise them up high grade/steep mountain roads for climbing challenges again not pulling just trotting or walking. 

Sprint Training

Huskies can sprint off leash (not connected to a sled or bike) up to about 30 miles per hour.  With DogMotoSports (tethered to the bike) I’ve clocked them at sprinting speeds of close to 17 miles per hour. 

For speed and conditioning I run them 2 to 4 miles distance wise averaging speeds of 7 to 9 miles per hour with sprinting speeds of almost 17 miles per hour. 

Weight Training

For muscle building I run them in weight vests at different paces and different weights depending on the training session and goals. 

For instance for a high energy Dog running with lower energy Dogs I will weight that Dog with a weight vest to even out and balance the speed of the whole team. Since I’m looking to slow the higher energy Dog down this would be considered a low impact exercise and we will be going a relatively long distance at slower speeds so the weighted vest would not exceed 10% of the Dog’s Body Mass. 

For a quicker workout considered more high velocity catering to a particular Dog meaning running just that Dog or more Dogs at the same skill set at a higher speed I will put a weighted vest on not to exceed 6% of the Dog’s Body Mass. 

These are rough guidelines depending on a lot of factors such as temperature, ability, training, conditioning, and your personal knowledge, experience, and comfort level. Always consider a Dogs’ age from puppy to senior as well. It is imperative that young dogs are not overworked and if they will be pulling in any capacity that their growth plates have met or you could stunt their growth. Check with your veterinarian using x-rays etc. to determine the right age to start pulling. But certainly running with the bike can be done at almost any age.