Who Is

The WooFDriver

Hello and welcome I am Bill, WooFDriver Helman, the founder developer and inventor of dogmotosports. I’ve been running dogs, and having them part of my family for almost 30 years now, and I’m in constant pursuit of the best instinctual ways to exercise and run them in a modern day world.

I’m constantly working with my team and specialist from many fields to develop some of the most innovative equipment for ease, capability, functionality, and practicality that can be used by almost all Dogs and all people!

Please explore my website here as I try to be as concise, but informative as possible so you can have a glimpse into this most fascinating DogMotoSports concept. I hope to inspire all to further expand your bond with your Dog for better health and happiness. This may be the easiest and some of the most rewarding ways to get out there with your “ Best Friend” no matter what breed your Dog is and no matter what your physical capabilities are!