RuffWear Front Range Harness - Excellent MultiSport Harness Perfect for Most DogMotoSports Offers a Great Gripping Fit to Help Keep Dogs in a Desired Position Super Easy to put on Dog

Sacco Cart Leather Harness (4 Attachment Points) Designed Specifically for the Sacco Cart a Little Challenging to Put On Dog BUT Super High Quality & Very Well Designed

Roading Harness by Holistic Harness - A WooFDriver Favorite Especially for More Engaging High Energy Dogs Doing Harder Pulling. This Harness Offers 3 Attachment Points for Versatile Applications BUT is a Heavier Harness (Leather & Faux Fur) Recommended for Cold Weather DogMotoSports - Available in 2 Sizes

Biothane Roading Harness by Two Horse Tack - Made of Biothane - Excellent DogMotoSports Harness Especially for Warmer Weather because it's Lightweight, Strong & Can Get Wet for Warmer Weather Spray Downs and Dips in Water

For Everyday Collars I Use Biothane as this Material is Essentially Waterproof, Easily Cleaned, & Won't Hold Odor! Since I use Fi GPS Trackers I Need A Fi Compatible Collar & I found A Great One At MimiGreen. They Also Offer Engraving and Other Useful Options

So For Some DogMotoSports You May Want to Attach Your Dog at 2 Points. One on a Harness and 1 Point on the Neck. This is Similar to How a Musher Would Hook Up A Sled Dog. BUT You Have To Use the Proper Collar For This. Definitely Not A Regular Collar and NEVER A Choke Collar! There Are Specially Designed Collars For This Called Limited Slip Collars Which Will Can Be Set To Tighten BEFORE It Pinches The Dog's Neck. These Collars Are Also In The Mainstream Called Martingale Collars. NEVER Use One That Has a Chain And NEVER leave a Dog Unsupervised In These Collars Either. Here is One A like The Design A Lot As it Has A Buckle So It's MUCH Easier to Put On And Take Off The Dog,

These Are Really NICE Affordable Dog Collars in a Few Widths and Multiple Sizes. They Have A Handle Which is Great For Handling Dogs on Trails Etc.. Alos Larger Widths Work Well For Lights I Use (angel Lightys) On This Page as Well. Additionally These Collars Come With Your Dog's Name And Velcro to Attach Flags anbd Other Velcro Like patches

Guardian Angel Lights Are SUPER BRIGHT & Fantastic to Use for A Multitude Of DogMotoSports. There Are 2 Different Sizes and All Kinds of Mounting Accessories That Can Make Them Mountable to Dog Collars, Harnesses, Bikes, people etc..

XDog Weighted Vests - Superb well Designed Vest With Great Guidance On How to Appropriately For Your Dog

Canine Weight Set Vest - Good For Heavier Weight Training - This Vest Can Be HEAVY So Will Not Stay In Place As Well As XDog Vest BUT Still Has a Purpose Depending On What You Are Training For As XDog Will Not Support This Much Weight