DogMotosports for seniors may offer some of the most effective ways and creative ideas to exercise Dogs in their golden years. Again with DogMotosports it’s not necessary for the Dogs to pull at all. I’ve had many of senior Dogs where a walk is too slow and a run is too fast so leash walking won’t suffice unless you are able to jog with your Dog. But with DogMotosports you can control how fast your bike or bike like dog rig goes and because you don’t have to worry about your personal physical condition, you can really take the time and focus on your Dog as you go to find the speed he or she wants to go and take as many breaks as he or she needs or wants. 

For example, one of my senior dogs now almost 14 years old paces the yard all day because instinct is telling him he needs to keep moving so he doesn’t get too sedentary which can further exacerbates arthritis. Mobility is imperative for him, but because he can’t challenge himself enough from this pacing, he needs something a little more. 

So I put him on the bike and take him to the trail and we do 5 to 10 miles at a relatively moderate pace, and sometimes we go up and down the street in the neighborhood and he can actually sprint because it’s downhill so the momentum and the electric bike help him. He actually gets a big ole smile on his face when he can sprint like this:) it’s truly amazing and one of the BEST things I can for him!

Jag in his Sidecar

15 year old Princess in her bike seat

Almost 14 year old Jag in his bike seat

I had another senior dog 15 plus years old that loved to go on our DogMotoSports adventures of 15 to 20 miles but of course, she certainly couldn’t exercise the whole 15 or 20 miles. So I made her a seat where she could do 1 to 3 miles and then rest a few miles in her seat (a tow behind bike trailer would work also) and then she would do another 1 to 3 miles the whole way along the adventure. So again, because this is a DogMotosports, where the bike is electric, carrying her weight on the bike, was not an extra effort for the Dogs who were running, and for myself, which made it so easy to give her what she craved and loved, which contributed to her happiness and I believe longevity.

So there’s a lot of situations where DogMotosports can be beneficial for dogs at all stages in their lives. Being creative and thinking outside the box is what I do and that’s how I developed the whole concept of DogMotosports. 

I hope this inspires some ideas especially if you have an aging Dog that is between a walk and a run like I said, you can move more at a jogging or trotting pace or any pace for that matter with the DogMotosports