Resistance Training

Resistance Training is like a sport called Dog Roading. Dog Roading was originally developed for hunting dogs to properly condition them. It is not meant for a large team (I would say maximum 4 Dogs but can be as few as 1 Dog) so they can’t pull what they are tethered too but will engage constant resistance. So usually they would be tethered to an ATV or even a Horse as again one Dog or a small group again usually up to 4 Dogs can’t pull the load of an ATV or a Horse but they will get constant resistance as they run. They can be on the side or out in front. We use a specially designed harness that will distribute this constant resistance across their chest and shoulders as to build and condition their proper muscles and this Roading harness will protect them from injuring themselves. I also use this Dog Roading Sport for a leisurely walk for my older Dogs as they don’t have to put any resistance on it if they prefer and because they are tethered to usually an off-road capable vehicle usually having 4 wheel drive we can go all over farmlands and they can enjoy a long walk many miles this way without a lot of exertion. 

Tethered in front with a Spider Arm Roading Rig

Tethered on the side with Springers on an EZRaider Military Vehicle

Tethered to the side with Springers on WooFDriver's Custom MushMonster Quad

Folding Electric Bike Customized with Springer Dog Attachments

Electric Lightweight3 Wheel Scooter with Springer Dog Attachments

Chopper Style 3 Wheel Bike with Springer Dog Attachments


Pulling Training

Pulling training needs to be on a bike/cart that is physically possible for the Dogs to pull. So usually a properly conditioned Dog can pull 3X their body weight. So a 50 pound dog should be able to pull roughly 150 pounds. So I figure how many Dogs I’ll be working and then my weight and the vehicle weight. I have a few bikes/carts perfect for this pulling training.  Usually again I strive to find level trails and areas to work the Dogs on pulling exercises. But hills are not a problem as I have motorized my Sacco Cart so I can use the throttle to assist the Dogs like a musher would kick on the back of a snow sled, that’s the genius of DogMotoSports.


Customized Sacco Cart with Electric Trailer Assist